Sound Reason

by Colton Phillips



released April 9, 2014


all rights reserved



Colton Phillips Victoria, British Columbia

I love comedy.
I like Math.
Make me happy,
spend yo cash;
- Jack White

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Track Name: Consumation
This is the story of a girl
Who drained a river and ate his own pearls
And struck a jizz and then he had a fucking headache

Hamfistedly clutching
Nervous twerk jerk lurking over parking lots
Lifting wallets off of shopping carts

Head hangs down my body
Half dressed
Completely competing to impress
Meanwhile you watch the whole thing fall and crumple
And you dare each and every man woman and child
To pick a piece up and even try to put it down

You cure to stand and fight me
The cancer with your hand
Your bare hand
But you can't hold back the power of the Earth
It's just to big and it's just too strong
And the forces at play will make you wish
You knew just how to stay still
And keep your knees and neck from jerking at every meal

Mmm that tastes good

It's every little piece of something you ain't got
Cause you know you gotta gank em to get what they got
They don't need nothin' what you got
And they don't want what you got
Ya you got it baby.

Fuck the life and the motions you made
Just hold it all up and let the little children play
Play with the earth dust the grass and tree
As you consume all you can see with me

Pass the glass
Break it in half
Look what you did you little thumbsucking idiot
You waited and stored the demon act you created
And you starved your life and your future wife
To pretend you had it all planned
A false quadrivium on a protein spilled hand

Fuck that
Bent arms holding it in
The quadrivium
20 dollars for a thrill
An inner kill
Thrill ride roller coaster carbon racer running on a wooden car ride

Alltogether pencil eater
Tougher than a woman beater
Colder than a criminal
Breaking cars and shopping carts
Pregnant on the telephone
Waiting for another home
Break off into the unknown
Shot it like a telescope to scurry back a truth

In a wet warm spot
Of fixin' up the spot
Like a lot, like a lot
Like drop it like it's hot a lot?

So jump start your heart
Depart quicker
Make it all flare up
Like you drop it like butter

Woops I fucked it up but
Baby, build it up
Shape it like Picasso
Or was it Da Vinci
Oh! Oh! It was Dali, yo!

Yo, B.
I was in a fish, but I don't mind
I downshift and downplay as I'm blowing your mind
And I believe in the power of words
You only function as a cavity to hold sperm (slime)

And you can tell when what I say is for real
Meaning I am not fucking around
I may be wrong
I stab my words into my own personal hell
I brand myself Z26 on my right arm so you can see
I am in complete control

With a hot pink ass
And a heart of glass
My life knifed in a spiral architecture rife with strife at the speed of light controlled flight
But let me tell you what kind of god loses so much control over his dominion:

Fear of the matter crushing
Folding unreacting
Thus preventing us from swimming in our joy

Frustrated feelings
Unfolded secrets
Landscapes unwanted
Environments untamed
Brought to our knees by our tired and useless flight

Vision's creation
A (???) to decision
And it's never the same
Unloved unwanted tongue

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